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Articles from July 2017

8th Generation chain design brings new performance & endurance standards

Tsubaki has launched the G8 Series (eighth-generation) of its RS Roller Chain and its Heavy Duty Drive Chain.

RS Roller Chain is the company's standard, designed to meet the needs of most applications. Heavy Duty Drive Chain is an endurance chain with a high maximum allowable tension for particularly demanding situations.

The G8 RS Roller Chain offers a 20% improvement in service life over the previous designs and a special corrosion suppressing oil is applied to the chain in the final stage of manufacture to inhibit rust and improve durability. Developed in-house, this oil does not leave a sticky residue on the chain surface, making handling cleaner and more pleasant. The new G8 chain is available in 11 sizes from RS40 to RS240.


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Tsubaki 'RetroFit' boosts log saw accumulator availability

When a tissue manufacturer was struggling with the performance and reliability of the chain drive feeding tissue logs into an accumulator it turned to Tsubaki for help in reducing the lost production time. Using its RetroFit service to fit a high performance, lubrication-free Lambda chain on the machine, Tsubaki provided a solution that increased availability, improved product quality, reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity.

Log Saw Accumulator Lambda chain

Tsubaki engineers recommended replacing the existing chain with a high quality, high performance RS16B Lambda chain.

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New conveyor chain for waste treatment

Tsubaki's new conveyor chain range offers prolonged life in Waste Treatment Facilities

Waste Treatment Facilities are becoming more common as public opinion continues to grow in favour of environmental issues and landfill is seen as unacceptable. The facilities, which incinerate waste before processing the remains, will often rely on conveyors to transport the waste from process to process. Due to the harsh environments encountered, traditional conveyor chains often wear quickly and need replacing in a matter of months. Fortunately Tsubakimoto has developed a range of long lasting conveyor chain which is designed specifically for the industry.

TSU194 Waste treatment chain.png

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Patented wear indicator eliminates unscheduled downtime on large sprockets

Tsubaki has introduced a wear indicator for large pitch chain drive sprockets which provides a clear indication of wear, allowing the sprocket to be replaced before it fails. Eliminating the guesswork traditionally associated with wear checking, the indicator protects investment in capital equipment, eliminates breakdowns and allows better management of maintenance scheduling.

Tsubaki Wear Indicator

The Tsubaki Wear Indicator has been specifically designed to provide a clear indicator of wear, allowing the sprocket to be replaced before it fails

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Tsubakimoto building automotive chain factory in Czech Republic

Drive chain maker Tsubakimoto is to set up its second plant in Europe. Located in the Czech Republic, Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o., will manufacture and assemble timing chain drive systems and associated products for leading car manufacturers across Europe.

Building works are already in hand at a site in the Central Bohemian town of Kolin about 55km (35 miles) east of the capital city Prague.

Tsubakimoto planned the construction project to proceed in stages, the first being a 5000sqm building which will be completed by November 2017 and house 40 personnel. The whole site should be fully operational by 2020, when it will have a total built area of over 40,000 sqm and employ 80 people in manufacturing, commercial and engineering roles. Total project investment is expected to be 400 million CZK (about 14.3 million Euro).


"Building on our success in the United Kingdom; we are very excited about this new development," says Bart Mellink, Managing Director Tsubakimoto UK Ltd. The new company will be recruiting 20 key staff in the summer of 2016. To achieve production continuity, they will all undergo training at the UK production site early next year.

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Power & Performance for the Bulk Material Handling and Mining Industry

The Tsubaki Group is the leading manufacturer of mining chains, cam clutches and power cylinders which are used in underground mines, surface mines, preparation plants, power stations and port facility applications. We currently manufacture many different sizes of mine chains for several major OEMs. This relationship enables us to design upgrades for the chain in the mining equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

We use alloy-grade steels, heat-treated to precise specifications and assembled with the heavy press-fits required to withstand the punishment of today's more powerful, high production mining equipment. Our complete line of mining chains includes Feeder Breaker Chain, Super Shuttle Car Chain, as well as various chains which are widely used in drill rigs, rotary breakers, face/roof drilling, reclaimers, under cutters, prep plants, continuous miners, roof support machines, and continuous haulage systems.

The Tsubaki Group is also proud to provide a wide variety of in-house designed sprockets, which are required in all chain applications, as well as other related products such as our highly reliable and strictly tested cam clutches and power cylinders, One-Touch Inspection Door® etc. Furthermore, as the Tsubaki Group prides itself on its ability to answer customer's demanding needs through innovative customisation of its products, we are able to manufacture Made-to-Order chains and attachment configurations, sprockets, etc., for your individual requirements. Please consult your local Tsubaki representative for further details.


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