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Sweet success for Tsubaki Neptune™ chain installed on ice cream plant palletisers

Ice cream is a food that inspires universal joy like no other. People worldwide will always need ice cream to complete the perfect day out or take the edge off a hard week. However, one factor that does affect ice cream demand is the season. Obviously, more ice cream is sold during summer than winter, which means ice cream producers have to increase production to capitalise. These duty demands can cause the premature failure of power transmission components such as chains, especially when production is taking place in sub-zero temperatures.

An ice cream plant in Germany realised that an increase in production was causing chains on its pallet lifters to fail prematurely, resulting in operational delays. To maximise chain service life, engineers at the plant contacted Tsubaki to supply a more reliable option.

tsubaki Ice cream

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Tsubaki BR-HT series of high-speed backstop Cam Clutches

Tsubaki BR-HT (Backstop Reducer High Torque) series of backstops prevent back running in industrial machine applications. The Cam Clutch design means that the inner and outer races are locked together with zero back running in the event of equipment failure. Because the BR-HT series backstop can be directly mounted into machinery, it is ideally suited to applications where a small installation footprint may be required, such as industrial gearboxes that are typically used on inclined conveyors or bucket elevators, pumps and winches.

BR-HT cover.jpg

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You do get what you pay for...

When it comes to power transmission chain, Tsubaki proves that buying a quality product results in significant life-time cost savings

The climate in most industries at the moment is focussed towards cost reduction to protect margins. While this is a noble pursuit, and one that can offer real benefits to a business and its customers, it is important that when it comes to procurement the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is considered over initial cost savings. While some components may seem like the cheapest solution in the short term, they can quickly prove expensive if regular maintenance, repair and replacement work becomes necessary.

TCO Iceberg.jpg

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Tsubaki is a GT4 Winner at Austrian pulp and paper plant

From the chipper to the roll, producing paper is a continuous process. For plant managers tasked with managing capital expenditure, sometimes budget components can find their way onto the production line. Drive chain is a classic example of a product that is sometimes treated as a commodity rather than an engineered component. One global manufacturer of pulp and paper products discovered that low cost chains on the line don't necessarily lead to cost savings once installed. Consequently, it turned to Tsubaki to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) via a premium chain solution.


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COVID-19 Statement

The COVID-19 crisis poses big challenges in both our personal and professional lives.

At Tsubaki our priority is safeguarding the health of our staff, preventing the spread of the virus whilst continuing to help our customers.

Therefore, we have put several actions in place such as reducing the movement of people by working from home, social distancing and several preventative health measures, where we closely follow the health authorities' directions.

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