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Tsubaki BR-HT series of high-speed backstop Cam Clutches

Tsubaki BR-HT (Backstop Reducer High Torque) series of backstops prevent back running in industrial machine applications. The Cam Clutch design means that the inner and outer races are locked together with zero back running in the event of equipment failure. Because the BR-HT series backstop can be directly mounted into machinery, it is ideally suited to applications where a small installation footprint may be required, such as industrial gearboxes that are typically used on inclined conveyors or bucket elevators, pumps and winches.

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The BR-HT series is the high torque version of its predecessor the BR series, which is designed to be fitted directly onto the high-speed shaft of a gear reducer via a standard keywayed shaft. A thicker inner race and robust outer race design ensures the BR-HT series is suitable for heavy duty applications, like those typically found in the mining and quarrying industries. For improved safety, the backstops feature a unique anti-rollover cam design which enhances reliability in critical situations.

Sizes range from 20 mm to 320 mm, with stated torque capacity figures of up to 366,000 Nm. A wide range of standard bore sizes are available across the range to maximise availability and shorten lead times for most orders. For specialist application demands, Tsubaki's engineers are able to fit the BR-HT series to non-standard shaft sizes by manufacturing special inner races to suit any bore size within the range of the clutch design or change the design of the inner and outer races to the customer requirements.

The backstops offer easy fitting and are essentially maintenance free as lubricants already present in the gear reducer can also be used for the lubrication of the BR-HT Cam Clutch backstop. Other applications may only require periodic maintenance and lubrication. Each backstop is supplied with a recommended lubrication regime and can be used in temperatures ranging from -5°C to +40°C. Higher or lower temperatures outside this range can also be accommodated. The BR-HT series "Lift-Off" design is non-frictional when running at operational speeds, so when the clutch is disengaged it is totally free running with no mechanical contact. As such the BR-HT can run indefinitely in "Lift-off" mode with any frictional wear only occurring on start-up or stopping unlike other backstop types that are running in constant friction all the time.

For the MRO market, the BR-HT series offers 100% interchangeability with most OE components and reduced Total Cost of Ownership thanks to its long service life.